In Loving Memory of a Great man!

Tom Aris Louise Meijer

4 August 1942 - 19 March 2015

a community wake starts Saturday 28 March and ends Wednesday 1 April. Friends and whanau welcome at the Barn, just email to let us know!

Bring food to share

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Prana Eco Retreat is based at Opoutere/Ohui, alongside a 5km long pristine piece of Eastern Coromandel coastline. 

We are a family run venue for the New Year Festival, smaller summer Events, Weddings, group Workshops and personal Retreats.

Prana land is a peaceful sanctuary where people naturally move towards transformational healing, personally and universally. A place that empowers a strong sense of 'connectedness' to something great: A gathering place for kindred souls! 

Our philosophy is based on the vision that a conscious culture is best facilitated when people are positively encouraged to discover the best in themselves and others through individual and collective creativity, healthy attitudes, self development and being in tune with Nature. The more we focus our energies on shaping our shared future, the more joy and fun we can create! We like to think of it as;

...where Creativity meets Awareness...

For each respective Prana event our guiding force is this philosophy and it leads us to a connection with everything that is greater than ourselves, whether we practice yoga, meditation, dance, gardening, singing or any other art form!


Prana Impressions